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Work From Home Wellness Management

Bring out the Best in your employees

Wiz@Home empowers employers in nurturing the physical and emotional well-being of their WFH workforce

Working from Home

Employers: Work From Home Done Right!

Surveys have shown that Working From Home on a long term basis can result in burnout, depression and anxiety, with negative impact on job performance.

Our cloud platform empowers employers in setting and managing wellness objectives, policies and benefits for their WFH workforce, designate preferred wellness vendors, set KPI and incentivize employees to participate and enhance their wellness performance.

Employees: Reach your full potential

Learn your employer's wellness objectives, policies and benefits. Say, for yoga or for pet adoption. Connect with preferred wellness providers of your choice. Set goals and track progress. Reach your full potential.

Ask us to get in touch with your employer

Our platform nudges employers to have a more trusting and caring relationship with their WFH employees. If you like how we enhance your quality of life, ask us to get in touch with your Manager or a HR leader, by giving us a contact email!

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Employer Sign-up

Sign-up as your company's Admin for our platform, using your work email. Once approved, you can select any of our service plans, all of which include a free trial!

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