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Wiz@Home is pioneering a Work From Home Wellness Management cloud platform that empowers employers nurture the physical and emotional well-being of their remote / WFH  employees. 

With WFH trends expected to grow through Covid-19 and beyond, the artificial division of employees' days into work vs. personal hours will no longer make sense. Wiz@Home is creating a platform that not only empowers employers navigate through this new environment, but maximize the benefits and flexibility that such an environment offers. 


Our mission is to create products that enhance trust between employers and employees so that employers can hire and retain top-notch talent and nurture them to reach their full potential.


Experienced with Silicon Valley VC funded high-tech startups, algorithmic and quantitative trading and deep technology background. Stay tuned for more details...


We have the following positions open on our founding team:

Director of Business Development with an entrepreneurial background and a track record of implementing or selling employee wellness solutions to enterprises or companies with 200+ employees

Technology Architects / Software Engineers with MEAN stack experience and deep coding skills in Javascript / Nodejs / Reactjs. Previous experience in building highly scalable web applications is desired. 

Growth / Marketing Executives with experience in SEO, Social Media marketing and selling software services to SMBs. 

All candidates, please send us a brief summary of your experience along with a URL to your LinkedIn page or a resume. We will reach out to you if there is a mutual fit.

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