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Empowering Employers: Work From Home Wellness Management

We empower employers in nurturing the physical and emotional well-being of their WFH workforce.


Surveys have shown that Working From Home on a long term basis can result in burnout, depression and anxiety, with negative impact on job performance. Loneliness is a key factor.  Also, lack of trust from employer (and the resulting surveillance of employees) causes employees to be anxious and try to be in an always-available mode to the detriment of their well-being. Additionally, lack of clearly defined wellness policies sends a message to employees that their employer may not care about their well-being as much as work deliverables. 

​Our cloud platform gives you the tools in demonstrating to your employees that you truly care, by walking the walk. Set wellness objectives, policies and benefits, designate preferred wellness vendors, set KPI and incentivize employees to participate and enhance their wellness performance.

In addition to policies related to physical and emotional well-being, you can customize availability and productivity policies tailored to specific teams or employees, and delegate administration to a direct supervisor.  For example, you can easily create a personalized policy for an exceptional employee who needs a one-hour break to take care of an elder parent three days a week at 2 PM. See below a sample category of policies that can be created.

Sign up today with your company email to get approved as Admin on our platform. Once approved, you can choose from any of our plans, including, for a limited time, the Starter Special!

WFH Wellness policies and benefits examples

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  • Pet Adoption / Fostering expense reimbursement: Define the policy and name preferred vendors or service providers. 

  • Online tutoring for children: Define preferred vendors and set expense reimbursement policies

  • Home ergonomics

  • Healthy body and mind: Expense reimbursement and flex time policies for online Yoga, Meditation or Peloton classes

  • Personalized flex time policy for a single employee: You can create a personalized flex time policy for an exceptional employee who needs to care for an elder parent

  • Customized work hours policy for a team: For a team that works extensively with offshore colleagues, you can specify work hours as 6 AM - 9 PM. Make adjustments based on social approval rating of employees. Set KPI and measure performance.

  • Monitoring: Define how you monitor employee activity on the work computer and have them accept. This significantly enhances trust and reduces employee anxiety

See a full list of WFH policies that can be customized for individual employees or teams to enhance wellness.  

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